Managed Anti-Piracy Services With Advanced Reporting

AudioLock analyses extensive data sets from external sources. This, aggregated with client data, means objective reporting to organisations of any size can be delivered.

In previous years, this service had only been available to a limited number of key industry clients. AudioLock is now proud to offer these specialised services through our new Modular SaaS Solution (Software as a Service). The new platform provides flexibility on its functionality, and users will benefit from a tool created to suit their individual business needs – changeable at the click of a button.

Utilising our content performance analytics, global licensed monitoring data, and consumer traffic optimisation, AudioLock’s platform provides access to reports that provide actionable business intelligence and essential performance insights. These combined tools are perfect for identifying and directing focus, helping you to increase revenue streams, as well as customer acquisition/discovery.

Each part of AudioLock’s modular platform can be easily integrated into client’s existing systems, utilising a wide range of industry standard technologies. This is a cost-effective and scalable way to get the most out of available resources, helping you to avoid hidden technical headaches that internal development projects can all too often encounter.

AudioLock’s new platform goes beyond the standard use of APIs and offers clients a variety of highly optimised interface functions, realtime widgets, and plugins.

SaaS platform


SaaS platform

Apache Kafka the industry standard for realtime data pipeline and in stream processing.
Crate DB for massive scaleout data wharehouse and processing requirments.
Docker scalable, flexible virtualisation.
Amazon Simple Queue Service SQS.
Amazon S3 Object Storage and compatible variants.
IBM Cloud Computing platform.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform.
Apache Spark used for horizontally scaling realtime data processing and manipulation.