AudioLock maximises music’s potential

Maximise Your Music Sales

Music Sales

AudioLock scans the internet to accurately identify, verify, and remove infringing links.

Boost Fan Engagement

Remove pirate links from search engines and improve the visibility of 'good' results.

Enhance Chart Positions

Organically increase track sales by reducing illegal downloads.

Time & Money

AudioLock saves the hassle of manually searching for infringing links.

Features of AudioLock’s Automated Contact Protection Service

Takedown of Infringing Results

AudioLock automatically sends DMCA takedown notices on your behalf.


AudioLock is scanning many types of sites across the web ensure content is protected.


Benefit from discount by opting for your content to be scanned less frequently.


See where your content has been removed from with our reporting and insight tools.

Cyberlockers and Torrent sites

Cyberlockers & Torrents

AudioLock will contact sites illegally hosting or linking to your content to have it removed.

Clickscam and Stream Ripping Sites

Remove ‘clickscam’ results from search engines and reclaim user traffic otherwise lost.

Music Promos

Protect promos and identify leaks by watermarking your promos.

Removal From
Social Media

Stop illegal copies of your music being uploaded to social media platforms.


What our clients say

AudioLock is trusted by 1000s worldwide.
Over 130 testimonials from self-releasing artists to leading labels.

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