Zippyshare goes offline in the UK

Zippyshare Goes Offline in the UK

Multiple sites and sources are reporting that as of 9th March 2019, Zippyshare, one of the most prominent free file hosting sites on the internet, has gone offline in the UK.

Visitors attempting to reach the domain are now simply being shown a ‘403 Forbidden’ error.

Despite being compliant with most DMCA takedown notices, the site has proved to be problematic for rightsholders.

While the htmlsite was never explicitly intended for illegally distributing music, Zippyshare found itself catering to the pirate community due to its ease-of-use, searchable file names, and embedded audio player.

The cause of the file hosting site’s shutdown is currently unconfirmed, but early reports suggest that the site has been blocked by UK ISPs, with Virgin Media, Sky, and BT users all reporting the same situation.

The reasoning behind the aforementioned ISPs conducting this apparent block is also yet to be confirmed.

Whether or not Zippyshare returns under the same domain at a later date, or circumvents an ISP block by changing its domain, is yet to be seen, given that the UK accounts for less than 1% of the file host’s traffic.