Music Week - Piracy Feature

AudioLock Discusses Music Piracy In Music Week Magazine

With the pirates operating on the cutting edge of new technology, Music Week identifies the latest threats, prevention strategies and counter-measures and talks to key players in the anti-piracy sector as they continue to combat the threat to revenues.

AudioLock is proud to announce that founder and CTO, Ben Rush, will be appearing in this month’s issue of Music Week magazine to address the current state of online music piracy.

Music piracy still poses a very real threat to companies operating within the music industry in 2019, and even more potential issues arise for independent artists and labels who devote hundreds of pounds and hours of their time into producing releases, but are unable to leverage a lucrative marketing budget to ensure a return on their financial investment.

As well as discussing what can be done to effectively combat the criminal threat that piracy poses, Ben Rush states the dangers of ‘clickscams’, a form of stream-ripping htmlsites that profit from visitors illegally downloading music.

Ben Rush's significant knowledge of anti-piracy from both the technology and rights holders’ perspective has made him a much in-demand speaker.

The full interview with AudioLock’s CTO is available to read in this month’s Music Week magazine.